QUEEN REAL TRIBUTE band releases new video

QUEEN REAL TRIBUTE band releases new video

QRT – Queen Real Tribute – out with new single HUMAN TOUCH featuring Michele Luppi, Wang Kai, Jovana Curovic and the Changchun Film Studio Orchestra

Very few artists in rock history have been as intense as Queen at striking a universal chord with people and translating notes into emotions. Many generations in the whole western world have every song almost genetically encoded in their Dna…but what if that combination of soothing soundwaves could touch the very soul of a far distant culture such as the Chinese one and get into a new original piece of symphonic rock music?

QRT project is an ensemble of great international talents from the most different backgrounds getting together to celebrate the deep influence of Queen’s music in our lives, transcending generations, borders and the forced self-confinement of this day and age .

The unprecedented contribution in mandarin of young tenor Wang Kai (rising star on MGTV Music Channel ) and the majestic performance of the Changchun Film Orchestra add a true vibrant depth to this inspired track…Mick Luppi (keyboards player in legendary band Whitesnake) stunning vocals lead the way to a final chills-down-the-spine crescendo…