The lovable German outfit named Fiddler’s Green dabbles in something pretty cool and exotic, which is Irish speed folk. Take all your favorite Irish drinking tunes and traditionals and then leave it to these wonderful dudes to fuck them up in an entertaining way and what you get is "Heyday". Essentially a collection of fifteen wildly energetic and rabble-rousing anthems, "Heyday" is certainly a smile and these guys are really good at what they do.

There is a rebellious spirit and a punk-like attitude to tracks such as "Limerick Style", "Born to be a Rover", and "One Fine Day", and there can be no doubt that Fiddler’s Green have managed to write a number of nicely twisted folk songs that sound like the kind of thing one would expect to hear in an Irish pub ravaged by crazy and bloodthirsty zombies. Having said that, there are too many fillers on the album and had it contained nine or ten compositions as opposed to fifteen it would have come across as a much more solid and consistent output. If you are planning a party involving some of your drunkest and/or most anarchistic friends, you need this record, but again, it is inconsistent and some cuts are simply tiring and forgettable.

Still, it is definitely not without its merits and charm. If nothing else, make sure you check "One Fine Day" out as it rules.

The band has announced upcoming tour dates to celebrate this 2019 release: 

The HEYDAY Tour is presented by: OX, EMP, Sonic Seducer Musikmagazin, & SLAM Magazine
14th of March 2019 – CH – ZÜRICH – Dynamo
15th of March 2019 – CH – SOLOTHURN – Kofmehl
16th of March 2019 – FR – AUDINCOURT – Le Moloco
23rd of March 2019 – AT – WÖRGL – Komma
29th of March 2019 – NL – ENSCHEDE – Atak/Metropool
30th of March 2019 – NL – ZEIST – De Peppel
12th of April 2019 KLINGENTHAL – Gambrinus (verlegt von Markneukirchen!)
13th of April 2019 DRESDEN – Alter Schlachthof
26th of April 2019 NÜRNBERG – Löwensaal
27th of April 2019 ERFURT – HsD Gewerkschaftshaus
02nd of May 2019 FRANKFURT/MAIN – Batschkapp
03rd of May 2019 STUTTGART – LKA Longhorn
04th of May 2019 MÜNCHEN – Backstage Werk
09th of May 2019 HANNOVER – Capitol
10th of May 2019 HAMBURG – Grosse Freiheit 36
11th of May 2019 BERLIN – Columbia Theater
17th of May 2019 KAISERSLAUTERN – Kammgarn
18th of May 2019 KÖLN – E-Werk
24th of May 2019 OBERHAUSEN – Turbinenhalle
25th of May 2019 LEIPZIG – Haus Auensee