DOBBELTGJENGER – release new single

DOBBELTGJENGER – release new single

With their second full-length album "Limbohead" having hit the streets in March of this year on Karisma Records, Norway’s DOBBELTGJENGER have given fans a brand new single with which to fill the void in between releases.

Titled "Paper Cutter", the single is available to stream and download at

DOBBELTGJENGER’s lineup of Sondre Veland (MAJOR PARKINSON, OSSICLES) on drums, Jakob Sønnesyn (DEPRESNO, 9 GRADER NORD) on bass, Vegard Wikne (OCEAN OF LOTION) on guitars and vocals, and Knut Martin Rasmussen Langeland on guitar, prefer to eschew conventional labels in order to produce “straight-to-the-point” and refreshing alternative rock songs without being shackled by any "genre" pre-conceptions.



"Limbohead" itself has been described as a "colourful, varied and addictive rock album", which pretty much sums up DOBBELTGJENGER, whose lyrics tell tales of deep-rooted neuroticism, and whose eclectic sound contains contagious grooves, a futuristic guitar sound and soulful rock vocals. They also clearly demonstrate that as a band DOBBELTGJENGER is not averse to injecting a dose of fun into the proceedings now and then.


"Limbohead" comes in CD, 12" Vinyl and Digital formats and is available from all the usual retailers and streaming services, as well as from and

A video by Jarle H. Moe for the track "Calling Tokyo" from "Limbohead" can be seen below


With artwork by Kristine Malde Lende, tracklisting for "Limbohead" is as follows:
Tin Foil Hat
Calling Tokyo
Like Monroe
Locking My Doors
In Limbo
Keep’em Coming