BOB KATSIONIS Announces New album and Revolutionary New Format

BOB KATSIONIS Announces New album and Revolutionary New Format

Bob Katsionis announces new album cover, details and presents a new album release format!

Greek, Athens based multi-instrumentalist, producer, video director and composer Bob Katsionis returns with his 5th solo album called “Prognosis & Synopsis” making both a “Synopsis” (summary) of his solo career so far and a “Prognosis” (Prediction) of where he is gonna move musically in the future.
The new album consists of 10 songs that were composed/recorded in a period of 15 days, during the August of 2017!

“It was a blast of inspiration. Last August,and after finishing my duty with German power metallers Serious Black, I was suddendly found with one month free in my hands after 4 or 5 years where I was constantly working in my studio, touring and recording other projects. So I had some wonderful vacation time in Greece and then I was sitting all day home playing games and watching movies. And suddendly…my mind cleared. I decided to start my own Record Label “Symmetric Records” and finally work on the Icon-Disc™ project that’s been on my mind since the birth of Smartphones. And of some music for my own. So everyday I was just sitting on my Korg Kronos jamming, then take a break to play some Virtual Reality games to help me travel to different worlds,get some inspiration and give time to my music to grow inside of me and then back on my studio to record. I feel like this album is the most sincere, compact and mature work so far and represents me and my art at a 100% while leaving a bright promise for the future.”

Album was recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio by Bob Katsionis who played all the instruments except drumming by Vangelis Moraitis.
“Prognosis & Synopsis” is produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis and Analog Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus, Greece.
The wonderful artwork was once again created by French artist Aurelien Police who also did the “Rest In Keys” album cover.

The first song can be streamed via the bandcamp page and there you can also find info about how to preorder the album:


Bob announces a brand new format: The Icon-Disc™!

The Icon-Disc™ is what it’s name simply states: a music “disc” in the form of an icon on your phone or tablet. For decades,artists and bands were releasing their music in the form of an album: a compilation of music expression and inspiration representing a certain period of the composer’s or performer’s life. Even the radio was playing the singles to make people buy the album in the form of a cassette, vinyl, CD. With the recent arrival of the broadband internet, services like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc, feed us with tons of isolated songs, videoclips, playlists, random compilations and other cool stuff like this, BUT people are not concentrating on the album anymore.

And for me the “magic” of diving into the world of an album, surrounded by the full artwork, pictures, photos, credits, info is what turns the listeners to “fans”. And it’s the fans who are buying the albums, merchandise, special editions etc and help a band survive at this difficult period we all live and make music. And even more important, through the album, the artist himself has the chance of showcasing his full potential, present his work on a full scale and take the listener by the hand on a wonderful trip through his music.

 The idea/concept of the Icon-Disc is not something new; great artists like Bjork, Paul McCartney, Sting, Lady Gaga, JayZ and many more have released “albums-as-app” but the format was never established on the market for various reasons:
·There wasn’t a name for it. Putting the word "app" next to some music it takes away all the "music album" character and makes it something hi-tech and common like the app to order a taxi, food or an app that does something else.

·There was no actual "format". In order to pioneer, every app works differently: one wants you to travel through space to listen to the song, the other one is a game and another one wants you to take photos of the sun, upload them and receive your music. Something like releasing a CD in a different shape every time: one like a star and another one heart shaped! Cool but confusing.

·Pricing. Developing a complex and original app costs a lot. And then you have your "regular" formats on the market for sale. What will the big record stores say when they sell your cd for 15$ and you sell your beautiful and shining "app" for just 2,99$?
That’s why I designed the Icon-Disc™ in a way that it’s both user friendly and fully customizable at the same time,while our company App The Irons keeps the developing costs low enough that even a newcomer independent artist can afford.”

Bob Katsionis releases his 2012 solo album “Rest In Keys” with remixed/remastered sound plus a brand new bonus track for all of you to get to know this new format and give us your feedback. In this release you can experience some of the benefits of the Icon-Disc:
·Fully customized artwork
·Different artwork per song
·Part-by-Part analysis from Bob Katsionis
·UPDATE your album (more songs,different mix,different members,everything!)

iOS and Android users can download the Album FOR FREE on these links