ORDER i Bergen (4/3)

ORDER i Bergen (4/3)



4. mars 2017
(dørene åpner kl 21:00)





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Thirty two years have passed since Norwegian legend MAYHEM defined what would become the authentic Nordic Black Metal trademark genre with their debut mini album «Pure Fuckin Armageddon». The band was founded by bassist Jørn Stubberud (Necrobutcher), drummer Kjetil Manheim, and guitarist Øystein Aarseth (later known as «Euronymous»). Eirik Norheim («Messiah ») joined the band as a vocalist and did vocals on the album «Deathcrush» together with Sven Erik Kristiansen («Maniac»).
Over the years, many bands formed but few really retained the original filthy, raw, diabolical mood and vibe which the original recordings were permeated with. Formed in 1990, Norwayʼs acclaimed CADAVER were one of the few bands who unleashed such original loathsome fury in a raw and meaty death metal way. CADAVER was founded by Anders Odden and Ole Bjerkebakke in 1988 and were later joined by René Jansen.

It became inevitable that back in 2013, the time was right for the Second Coming of Pure Fucking Armageddon. This time through a new name for such celebration: ORDER – Four men – one Order: Restore it! – And those four men who pledged to that task have all been original members of the very first wave of Norwegian Black/Death Metal scene: Manheim (ex MAYHEM), Billy Messiah (ex MAYHEM, COCKROACH CLAN) and Anders Odden/Rene Jansen (CADAVER). This lineup played one show the 24th of June 2014 at Klub Progresja in Warsaw, Poland. After this show Rene Jansen was diagnosed with leukemia and he passed away on the 3rd of December 2014. Stu Manx from Scandinavian hard rock wave finest band, GLUCIEFER, took over the bass duties to fulfill ORDER’s undeniably repugnant and massive sound.

ORDERʼs deeply respected and honorable line up has been: Messiah – vocals, Manheim – drums, Anders Odden – guitars, Stu Manx – bass.

ORDER became its own distinguished beast and have been writing a lot of new material. This lineup made their debut show at the Inferno Festival in March 2016. Their triumphant performance was hailed in all major and underground press. The bandʼs debut official demo entitled «Folly Grandeur» was released as a limited edition of 250 hand numbered cassette tapes which METAL HAMMER very own Dom Lawson illustrated as «Monstrous (…) An Agonizing Frost Bitten revelation belched straight from Hellʼs depths !».

ORDER are actively working on their debut full length album to be issued on LISTENABLE in spring 2017. And as guitarist Anders Odden expressed: ‘We are an occult band with lyrics that reflect the zeitgeist, mockery of religious power in all direction.»

MORK fra Halden er spesielle gjester denne kvelden.

2004 was the year and the small Norwegian town of Halden was the place. There and then the black metal band MORK was created by Thomas Eriksen near the dark Norwegian forrests. The band functions as a one-man-project much like many other Norwegian Black Metal acts do. The music is in the Norwegian spirit and can be compared to the magic of early Burzum and Darkthrone.