With 20 plus years in the trenches, Canadian hard rock act Danko Jones know how to get down to business, unleashing another set of eleven quick hitting songs for their latest studio record "Wild Cat". Much like the Ramones and Motörhead, this three-piece keep focus on memorable hooks and melodies, taking away any excess to get to the heart of the matter swiftly. There’s nothing wrong with three-chord action and building the organic framework from there – giving a tip of the cap to numerous classic influences throughout in the lyrics to "My Little Rock ‘n’ Roll" for the Rolling Stones with ‘tattoo you’ or Thin Lizzy musically and vocally for "You Are My Woman".

Shifting tempos or allowing the bass to carry the hook at times keeps you on aural alert – "Do This Every Night" digging back into late 70’s new wave meets Kiss, while the funky swing of the title cut should get all in earshot up from their seats. Built for live launch mode, even the cowbell accents on "Success in Bed" just seduce any non-believer, proving why Danko Jones remain a mainstay in the worldwide rock landscape. Keeping the proceedings under 40 minutes maximizes multiple playbacks easily, something that younger bands should think of when releasing product in today’s fast-paced society.

A brilliant follow up to 2015’s "Fire Music", "Wild Cat" resonates with the basic instinct of what makes hard rock so engaging and exciting – passion, energy, and creativity all coming together as one.