VOIVOD – Post Society EP

VOIVOD – Post Society EP

The legendary progressive (sci-fi thrash) metal outfit that is Voivod is still going strong. Having listened repeatedly to this upcoming 30-minute EP of theirs, which consists of two brand new tracks and a cover of the Hawkwind classic «Silver Machine» as well as two songs off the band’s split releases with At the Gates and Napalm Death (2015), I can safely say that Voivod still has something awesome to offer. While «Post Society» may be viewed as a stopgap before the next full-length assault is upon us, it also marks a line-up change; the band’s newest member, bassist Dominic "Rocky" Laroche, who replaced Jean-Yves "Blacky" Theriault in 2014, seems to fit in nicely. There are definitely some killer bass lines to be found throughout this half hour musical journey into the twisted and strange. But, I digress. On to the songs themselves then, shall we?

The two new songs, namely «Fall» and the title track, are probably the best ones off this disc as they are slightly more atmospheric and moody compared to «Forever Mountain» and «We Are Connected». That especially goes for «Fall» as that is one hell of an interesting song that covers a lot of ground, musically speaking. A strange tune, but one that I keep returning to. The title track is in-your-face and catchy, and it most definitely serves as a good opening track. The Hawkwind cover is quite entertaining, but neither outstanding nor truly memorable.

As I mentioned earlier on, there are some killer bass lines present on this EP, but in a way it seems kind of lame to only mention Dominic Laroche, because the musicianship is excellent all around. No surprise there. For fuck’s sake, this is Voivod that we are talking about! This «Post Society» EP is definitely worth checking out once it hits the streets. Voivod rarely ever fails.