Av Ruben

Her er intervjuet jeg gjorde med Anders via e-mail. Egentlig skulle det blitt gjort p� telefon, men tidspunktene krasjet, s� det ble umulig. Grunnen til at jeg ikke har oversatt er at dette er Anders egne ord og jeg f�ler det er bedre slik. H�per dog det ikke er til noe bry for noen�

ET: Congratulation with the new album �rEVOLVEr�, a nice and aggressive thing it has become!
A – Thanks. We`re pleased to hear that.

ET: I guess you are pleased with it yourself? How do you look upon this comparing it to your other releases?
A: Well, we are very happy with the outcome of this album, Personally, I think it`s the best we have done so far. On every level there`s an improvement of some sort: the songs, the production, Everything is better. (But i would be mad if I didn`t think that.) I think the latest work always signifies where the band stands musically at the moment.

ET: What do you feel departs this from your other releases?
A: The major difference from the two previous albums (ONE KILL WONDER / MADE ME DO IT) is that Peter is back in the band. Both his singing style, and his creative ideas has brought a lot to the band. Some of the fans definitely know him from the first album S/T as well. Another thing is production. I was never 100 pre cent happy with the outcome of the previous albums, but this time around it`s definitely closer to my vision of THE HAUNTED.

ET: What did you become most happy of concerning rEVOLVEr?
A: That it turned out to be a great album.

ET: How did the progress go on under the recording of this album and what did you think most about under the creation of rEVOLVEr?
A: We did our usual stuff. Recorded it instrument for instrument (starting with the drums), The environment was very similar to ONE KILL WONDER, but this time we changed a major step on the way: The mixing of the album. We decided to mix it somewhere else this time, which was a wise decision.

ET: What is the meaning behind the title and can you say some words about the lyrical side of this album?
A: The meaning is a "revolving mechanism". Something that spins around its own axis. (Meaning that Peter is back in the band). And of course "EVOLVE" as an evolution once again for the band with a new member. The lyrics this time around is all Peter`s work (And thank god for that, he`s a better lyrical writer than any of us)., I think the lyrics deal with different topics, but basically it comes down to what it means to be a human being this time and edge. It`s both based on personal experiences on a personal level, but also objective inspiration from the world around you.

ET: What do you think most about of these when creating music: Aggression, groove or the heavy parts? If there is something you feel is lacking here, what would that be?
A: A mixture of those three is a good thing I guess. hehe. We mainly arrange what comes out. Some days there is heavy stuff, and the other day it`s very down-tempo and heavy so it depends really. I wouldn`t say we have a master plan of some sort. We try all ideas that come out, and hopefully something good develops in the end.

ET: I have a feeling that you have a lot of the 80`s thrash-feeling in your music, is this something that you think of when creating music or do you just have this feeling all the time?
A: I guess it`s more a combination of that Peter is back. His vocal style is more like Araya, Anselmo etc.. But also the production is way cleaner and more powerful this time which might bring you back to certain thrash-metal productions in the past. I think the major difference from each THE HAUNTED album is actually the production of each album. Since they are so very different, the listener might concentrate on certain other things, and miss the big picture . For me: every album we`ve done is very similar to the next. It`s just a matter of sound.

ET: I hear some inspiration from the Gothenburg death metal scene on rEVOLVEr, do you have a comment to that or do you think its wrong?
A: Well, it might not be harder than Me & Jonas were the main song writers in AT THE GATES in the past. I don`t listen to the new GBG metal bands that much, so to suggest such an inspiration isn`t really the truth. But rather the other way around.

ET: The Haunted is with �rEVOLVEr� out with it`s fourth record on 6 years (plus the live-album). How do you look back upon the years you have been doing this? Have it just been fun or has it been a lot of hard work?
A: A lot of hard work of course. I think it`s been a very intense couple of years with the band. We have had a lot of member changes in the past, but I think we have always worked through all the troubles somehow.

ET: What was the most important for you guys when you started this band? Did you have any visions about how it was to be and do you feel you have achieved the visions over the years?
A: The most important thing was to have fun. It`s still fun, and that`s one of the reasons we’re doing it still. In the start we had no vision at all. It was more like a project. We had no singer the first year, so basically we jammed out stuff in the rehearsal room without any goals whatsoever.

ET: Why did you choose to play thrash? Do you feel there is more to get from this genre?
A: I don`t think we`re mainly a thrash band, I think there are so much more to THE HAUNTED. It`s always hard to label a band, but I would definitely choose METAL, since we`re merging a lot of styles.

ET: Do you have some closing words?
A: Thrash on. Catch us on tour