TODAY IS THE DAY til Oslo (24/11)

TODAY IS THE DAY til Oslo (24/11)




  Today Is The Day have announced a whole month of live dates in Europe with the savage Italian four piece, Grime as main support.

The feral experimental metal trio have been in existence for over twenty years and are only getting more savage and brutally effective as they proceed, with main man Steve Austin currently flanked by bassist Trevor Thomas and Douglas Andrae. The band have been touring relentlessly since the release of their latest full length Animal Mother (on Southern Lord), taking to the road for long stints with Lazer/Wulf and Abigail Williams, and their upcoming European tour will showcase them at their gnarled, refined best. Check out the dates below for more details.



November 21st, Bruxelles, Belgium @Magasin 4

November 22nd, Utrecht, The Netherlands @Le Guess Who Festival – Grime not playing

November 23rd, Copenhagen Denmark @Pumpehuset

November 24th, Oslo, Norway @Blitz

November 26th, Helsink, Finland @Kuudes Linja

November 27th, Lahti, Finland @Torvi

November 30th, Prague, Czech Republic @Club 007 Strahov

December 2nd, Hannover, Germany @Kulturzentrum Faust, Mephisto

December 3rd, Leipzig, Germany @UT Connewitz

December 4th, Wroclaw, Poland @Into the Abyss Fest – Ciemna Strona Miasta

December 5th, Budapest, Hungary @Kult

December 7th, Zagreb Croatia @Mochvara

December 8th, Nova Gorica, Slovenia @Mostovna

December 9th, Karlsruhe, Germany @Jubez

December 11th, Delemont, Switzerland @SAS

December 12th, Bologna, Italy @Freakout Club

December 13th, Rome, Italy @Traffic

December 14th, Milan, Italy @LoFi Club

December 15th, Montpellier, France @The Black Sheep

December 16th, Paris, France @Club Ephemere 

December 17th, Antwerp, Belgium @Het Bos

December 18th, St. Petersburg , Russia @Mod Club – Today Is The Day only

December 19th, Moscow, Russia @Shale – Today Is The Day only


Today Is The Day’s crushing tenth studio full-length, Animal Mother, released in October 2014, revealed one of the sickest creations in years, from one of metal’s most prophetic and unique madmen, founder, Steve Austin. Dispatching nearly an hour of Today Is The Day’s creepiest and heaviest chaos in years, Animal Mother‘s wrath recalls elements of their most seminal albums, as always merging murderous anger and horribly depressed vibes into a volatile, unclassifiable, prophetic style of metal all its own. With cult leader Austin joined by drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots) and bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl), the album was recorded, produced and mastered at the frontman’s Austin Enterprises in Maine, and has reaped international critical acclaim. Animal Mother is available on CD and coloured vinyl via the Southern Lord Europe store, and via Bandcamp.

Steve Austin has also been occupied recently with scoring the soundtrack to Addiction: A 60’s Love Story, a vice-soaked feature length directed by Tate Steinseck (you can watch the trailer and here some of the arresting score here). Here’s what he had to say about the film and process: "Two years ago, my good friend Tate Steinseck asked me if I wanted to do the original score for this film; after reading the script, I immediately said yes! The film is set in the 1960s. Rather than go for a retro vibe, I set out to make a score for this film that could enhance the seedy, criminal vibe going on. Dirty, smoky jazz, psychedelic keyboards, and in general a vibe that makes you feel the duality of what the main character Max Bornstein, is going through. When I got the final cut of the film, I locked myself away in my studio and watched the film over and over again. The main character in the film struggles with normal family life and the dark side of drug addiction and selling illegal pornography. I was deeply affected by this film. For days, I felt like I had fallen into the dark and insane world that Max was living in back in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s a true story, that really hits hard."


"Ten albums in, Today is the Day still stand as the ultimate rebuke to genre-obsessed boilerplate metal, wrenching exorcisms into artworks and imbuing them with a heaviness that goes right down the marrow." – TERRORIZER


"It’s rare that something could be as easily called beauitiful as monstrous yet either one proves more than apt here." – ROCK A ROLLA


"Animal Mother cherry-picks from the darkest corners of underground extremity. However, like Melvins and almost nobody else, this band exists in a genre-defying category of one, hammering square pegs into round holes with singular purpose…to communicate the horrors of existence through TITD’s unnerving, disorientating sonic chaos." – KERRANG!


"Animal Mother ably dispels tired old notions that bands run out of creative juice after a few albums. Ten albums in and TITD are still untouchable when it comes to hammering disparate elements from black, death, noise, and any-other-sub-genre-you-care-to-name into one big, venomous whole." – CLASH


"Although it’s predictably unhinged, this is perhaps the most focused and draining TITD albums in a long time. Harking back to past glories on one hand and exploring big issues with the other, it’s another journey you’ll have to try and make alone, absorbing the message over time. Withering and unforgiving, there seems to be no end to Austin’s ichor, truly a work of twisted genius." – NINEHERTZ