CUT UP – Forensic Nightmares

CUT UP – Forensic Nightmares

Cut Up hails from the ashes of the mighty Vomitory (RIP).

For those unknown of Vomitory or thier brand of death metal, their metal can be described in two words, VERY GOOD!

The sweedes kept the death metal flame burning bright from 89 to 2013 and now some of the past members have gotten together and branded their latest death metal beast Cut Up.

"Forensic Nightmares" are the name of the debut out this summer on Metal Blade and it for sure keeps up where Vomitory left out. Technical, brutal (but not overly done) and on top of it all, melodic death metal is the recepite here.

The vocal is done by the Vomitory vocalist/bassist Erik so those who know and love his brand of semi gutteral vocal output will for sure get into Cut Up right from the getgo.

"Forensic Nightmares" runs for about 40 minutes and it just about enough because after you´re done you need a break. This album is that intense and that GOOD!