GOATSNAKE – Black Age Blues

GOATSNAKE – Black Age Blues

Reuniting with most of the original lineup, Los Angeles, California’s Goatsnake return with a new studio record in "Black Age Blues". Doom and stoner metal may be the foundation of these 9 songs, but there is also a natural bluesy and psychedelic demeanor to the work of vocalist Pete Stahl, who doubles on harmonica. Ian Astbury would be proud of his twin melodic persona on "Coffee & Whiskey", while the harmonica runs make "Elevated Man" an early favorite.

Guitarist Greg Anderson, bassist Scott Renner, and drummer Greg Rogers set their sights on addictive, down-tuned riffs and proper tempo movement – never laboring in excess and always building in mood and intensity. Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Clutch along with The Cult vocally gives you the best idea of what to expect – the gospel choir background vocals on "House of the Moon" and "Jimi’s Gone" a nice added spice to keep interest aurally.

Glad to have you back Goatsnake – "Black Age Blues" couldn’t have arrived at a better time than now.