DROWN IN BLOOD – Addicted to Murder

DROWN IN BLOOD – Addicted to Murder

An Italian death metal quartet with an appropriate band name, Drown in Blood on their first album "Addicted to Murder" serves up 8 songs in a tidy half hour package. Despite Gigi’s intricate and popping bass antics, most of these tracks are barely beyond by the book numbers that I’ve heard from better acts like Morbid Angel, Obituary, and Monstrosity.

Songs like "Purification of Flesh" and "Evil Parasites" have the requisite growls, stop/ start movements, and low tuned mid-tempo to slightly faster riff parts, and struggle to get out of their own way in terms of original ideas. A lot of the semi-blast beats in closer "Beast in the Cage" sound unnatural, and the guitar work also has this predictable nature that makes even the occasional front to back aural experience tedious.

Drown in Blood live for the old school, but need to execute their ideas better or be a quick bargain bin offering.