HARD ACTION – Sinister Vibes

HARD ACTION – Sinister Vibes

Heavy music has always been about that release – energetic, emotional, the feeling of connection from thoughts to output. Finland’s Hard Action on their "Sinister Vibes" album bring me back to those teenage angst days when all we wanted to do was scream and shout at the world without getting in trouble. 10 songs of raw, unadulterated punk meets hard rock with a little metal on the side – an homage to the days of The Ramones, The Clash, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Hanoi Rocks all rolled into one.

Bluesy lead breaks, up tempo drumming, simplified melodies, and the sense of confidence gives listeners amazing material to enjoy like the Thin Lizzy-esque "Night Moves", go down fighter "Chosen Few" as well as the thunderous, propulsive "Gunpoint". This isn’t one of those ‘AC/DC’ clones, Hard Action really do have their own attitude and ability to synthesize a mix of 70’s/early 80’s influences into a potent, twin-guitar barrage that keeps things to the point. The longest song appears at the end in "No Lesson Learned", and there is even a bit of a nod to the 70’s Kiss prime time with the main riff that would make Ace and Paul very proud.

Vocalist/ guitarist Gyntsä has one of those low key deliveries that is more Phil Lynott than Billy Idol – cool as a cucumber and keeping the rock moving along. Sport the denim and leather, grab your buddies and a six-pack, "Sinister Vibes" will provide the rest of the entertainment value for your party needs. It’s astounding in 2015 how many younger acts can revitalize the early days of heavy music – and Hard Action are not only one of the best from Finland, but possibly in the top five going worldwide.