The German death metal machine Morgoth are finally back.

After a long hiatus the pionéers of european death metal on it again. Sadly this time without orignial vocalist Marc Grewe who (after internet rumor) departed with the band because of artistic disagreements. New vocalist Jaegerman is no Grewe but he holds up his end quite well (so no crisis there).

Morgoth released a couple of (now) classics back in the early 90´s before wimping out and going all weird during the 2000`s.

It´s nice to hear good old Morgoth again and as mentioned, the new vocalist delivers well on 11 tracks of traditional death metal served on "Ungod".

There is no surprises on "Ungod", if you know and love Morgoth from their heydays, you will for sure find something on this 2015 release.

The production is formidable and all instruments are well present in the mix, no audio difficulties to trace.

My only complain must be that "Ungod" have to many fillers. A couple of the tracks could without doubt been removed from the album and the impression as a whole would be a little stronger.

But apart from that, the material that is good is good so I can strongly recommend Morgoth to those who where in doubt about Morgoth anno 2015.05.04