SOLANUM / EPI-DEMIC – Passages to Lunacy

SOLANUM / EPI-DEMIC – Passages to Lunacy

This 8 track split contains an even 4 songs per band.

Up first is Solanum, sounding like a cross between early Slayer/English Dogs/Agnostic Front/Razor. All good places to come from. I find I like the style here more than the actual songs. It’s not that they are bad – not by a long shot, it is just that they don’t do anything to knock my socks off. This is the kind of band I would have seen earlier on in one of those all day crossover thrash gigs I frequented back in 1988. I would have spilled my beer all over myself and had a great time, but I wouldn’t have been compelled to go out and pick up all of the band’s back catalogue. (4.5)

Up next we have Epi-Demic, also hailing from Canada (or should that be Can-Ada?). Stylistically we are looking at a similar thing to Solanum, so the two acts work really well on a split. The main influence that springs to mind here is Whiplash – again with a bit of Agnostic Front thrown in. All good fun, although the songs again fail to make that indelible impression and the production is slightly thinner for Epi-Demic. (4)

Overall, an enjoyable trip down memory lane, but I’ll be going back to Agnostic Front and Razor for my kicks.

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