REPULSOR – Toxic Tomorrow

REPULSOR – Toxic Tomorrow


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"Toxic Tomorrow"


Taken from "Trapped in a Nightmare"


Released in 2013/2014



REPULSOR was formed in January 2010 in Gdansk, Poland. At the end of 2010 they recorded their first demo – "Death is the Beginning". In July 2013 they released their first (and so far their only) EP – "Trapped in a Nightmare". In the same year the band appeared on Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation vol 2, a compilation of the best polish thrash metal bands – released by Defense Records. In 2014 "Trapped in a Nightmare" was re-released by Thrashing Madness Productions, this time as a full length (with bonus tracks).


1. Toxic Tomorrow 02:30
2. R.M.D.H. 05:27
3. The Summoning 01:22
4. To the Coven 04:05
5. Killing Instinct 03:31
6. Stained Heritage 04:16

Łukasz Styś – Guitars (lead)
Jeff –  Drums
Strzała –  Bass, Vocals (lead)