ACE FREHLEY – Space Invader

ACE FREHLEY – Space Invader

Ace is back and as allways it´s a pleasure.

Being a huge Kiss and Ace fan my opinon on his latest opus "Space Invader" may not be completely subjective.
After his "comeback" a couple of years ago with "Anomaly", an album that was both good and not so good it was doubtfull that he would endure on with a new release so it was quite pleasing when the news hit us last year that Ace was in studio and writing new material.

"Space Invader" is a typically Ace album. Easy listening hard rock with good melodies, some rememberable hooks and his playing signature all the way around.

The songs all flow well and after listening to the album about 10 times in a row I have still not found a favorite track. They all work out with mid-paced tempos, nice lyrics and his signature voice on top.
The production is mellow and easy on the ears, just as you´ve expected and perfect as the background soundtrack when you´re reading his bio that came out last year.

Ace may be the master of getting his covers/tributes work out great (his Kiss solo album effort is a prime example) and also on his latest we get served a great version of the famous song The Joker. Just brilliant!

To sum it up, Ace does what Ace does best, write and play brilliant hard rock music that stands the test of time.