DARK TRANQUILLITY – Short but sweet

DARK TRANQUILLITY – Short but sweet

Eternal Terrors Karina Cifuentes had a short chat with DARK TRANQUILLITY vocalist Mikael Stanne.


Which bands have brought you the most inspiration?

Throughout the last 20 or 25 years is probably Rush, both lyrically, musically.

Do you have any routine or ritual before you go on stage to play?

It depends, there  is a warm up technique that I do for a while just to get ready. To warm up the voice. Try to work out a little bit to get the blood flow through my body and just trying to get into a good mood, you know. Start drinking a couple of beers and get ready to kinda loosen up. I gotta get rid of the nervousness. It all depends some days you are so tired that you wonder "how is this gonna work?" So you try to wake up and stuff like that, and sometimes you feel that you just need to keep that momentum going. I just wanna get into a perfect mood for the show. Whatever it takes.


For those who have not picked up Construct yet, so tell us about it, sound wise and lyric wise.

I think is one of our most different albums in a while. It has all different elements from what we have done from years. It is very melodic, is very emotional in many ways. It’s pretty damn dark in places, but people have been comparing it to our previous album Projector. I think it has a lot of similarities in the way it was written.

It has different qualities that only come from when you feel cornered and you need to break out and do something new. What we felt we did with Fiction, The Other Body and Character was that  we tried to perfect ourselves. We just did feel we really didn’t know where to go next, and we kinda have to do something different in order to reinvent the passion for making music again.

It’s a pretty different album, but I think it works amazingly well.

What do you think is DT most important contribution when it comes to the establishment of the Swedish Melodic Death genre?

I have no idea. I mean when I think about that kinda stuff, it makes me kind of proud to think that we have been a part of something that has become influential in the world of Death Metal, and I’m even more proud of the fact we never had to compromise outside of the band.  It has been always us deciding on everything about our music. What will we sound like, deciding on every kind of stuff. We always thought that we liked it. At the beginning no one understood, it was too melodic to be Death Metal and it was too aggressive to be outside of it. People just didn’t get it.

We wanted to do something that incorporated elements from other genres as well. I feel we have been growing slowly but strongly throughout the years and I feel we still have the best album in us, it will be the next one obviously. I think our consistency is the thing I’m most proud of. The fact that we never gave up even though it seemed like the music industry was against us. It wasn’t like we were expecting a breakthrough, We took it slow, never kinda took anything for granted.