PICTURE – Eternal Dark + Heavy Metal Ears

PICTURE – Eternal Dark + Heavy Metal Ears

Pairing up the second and fourth studio albums from Dutch heavy metal band Picture, Divebomb Records feels the time is right for the current generation to discover what made this 80’s act so special. "Eternal Dark" originally came out in 1983 and is a decent Euro-metal oriented record, consisting of street level anthems and mid-tempo efforts in line with Saxon, Trance, and a little Judas Priest. "Battle for the Universe" should get the adrenaline pumping while "Into the Underworld" features a fun, galloping riff and rhythmic template.

"Heavy Metal Ears" hit the streets in 1981, hungry and tenacious yet filled with attitude regardless if every vocal is spot on in key. Expect tasteful soloing, heads down heavy metal tempos and riffing that makes ardent maniacs desire to wield their own air/ cardboard axes in appreciation. I’m sure the working class heroes seeking to blow off a little steam had no problem getting into tracks like "Unemployed" and the NWOBHM-oriented "Out of Time".

71 minutes of solid headbanging 80’s metal here. Picture get the job done, the basics are the foundation for the healthy movement we currently enjoy today.