CLEAVER med releasekonsert (7/12)

CLEAVER med releasekonsert (7/12)



CLEAVER has announced a release concert for their debut album, «WHEN THERE`S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL…» (Dead Center Productions). The event will take place in Trondheim, Norway, at the notorious heavy metal bar ROCK HEAVEN

CLEAVER will be supported by Norwegian death and thrash metal acts, THE SICKENING and IRR

Founded in 2009 by guitarist Øyvind (Chton, ex-Lumsk) and drummer Espen (Chton, ex-Tellus Requiem) as homage to the great bands who paved way for extreme metal in the 80`s, Cleaver have already laid both the INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL (2012) and TRONDHEIM METAL FEST (2012) in ruins.

The bands music can be likened to bands like BATHORY, VENOM and SODOM, with vocalist Ola (ex-the Sickening) screaming horrific tales of death, murder and rampage delivered by bloodthirsty zombie hordes.

The entry price is set to 50 Norwegian kroner (6 euro), with a special price for those who haven`t bought a hard copy of the album, 100 Norwegian kroner (12 euro) for both the entry and album. 

The album can also be bought trough the band itself or record label Dead Center Productions. 

«WHEN THERE`S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL…» will be released on all major digital music stores (Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon etc.) Saturday 7th December. 



You can listen to track number 6 "The Dead Will Walk The Earth" from the album here:

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