LEGEND – The Dark Place

LEGEND – The Dark Place

After a triumphant gig at the most recent Keep It True festival in Germany, the UK traditional metal band Legend return with their first studio album in 10 years, "The Dark Place". Those who love a pure sound with a clear, open snare tone, warm guitar harmonies, and clear vocals that send chills down your spine- this is an easy sell for you.

I love the incorporation of acoustic guitars for the adventurous 7:50 "Red", featuring an interesting epic arrangement that see-saws between electric and softer dynamics, one that I could see all NWOBHM fans rally around. "The Watcher" is a shorter, slightly progressive number with a flair for the Iron Maiden in terms of some serious bass/ guitar interplay going on, while vocalist Mike Lezala conveys a doomy overtone in that Angel Witch/ Demon melodic style. Overall the material is straightforward in terms of impact, keeping the hooks at surface level and immediate, ensuring maximum metal appeal with numbers like "Too Late to Be A Hero" and the mid-tempo gallop of "Burn With Your Demons".

Legend proves the importance of British metal in the larger landscape. "The Dark Place" is another case study for the vitality of original music in 2013- that veteran musicians are very capable of writing an entertaining, engaging album 33 years beyond their debut effort. Seek out the collectables for sure- but please invest in current offerings so we can keep the movement alive and thriving.