HYPOCRISY – End of Disclosure

HYPOCRISY – End of Disclosure

Hypocrisy where and still are the brainchild of Peter Tägtgren. He started Hypocrisy in the early 90´s and I must admit I´am still listening to his first albums from time to time. "Penetralia", the debut from 92 are in many fans still their best output and I also fall into that matter of opinion. Their classic and well proven form of death metal still sounds fresh to this day.

Hypocrisy did take some bad turns in the early 2000 but got back on track and they have now abondoed their classic form of death metal in trade for a more modern melodic arrangement.

"End of Disclosure" is Hypocrisy´s 13 full-length and its quite a good album. It incorporates both thrash and death metal elements with a ton of melodic riffing on top. The tempo is right up there beneath max speed and Peter´s voice works best on fast paced music and drummer Horgh (of Immortal fame) does a staggering job of keeping the intensity and flow going just perfectly. The trio manages to keep the tracks unique and you dont have to listen to the whole album in one sitting to get the whole picture. There´s really no standout track except the title track that´s also been released as a single.

Hypocrisy have never gotten the respect they deserve and allways been considered a second tier band on the swedish death metal map. "End of Disclosure" should end that discussion right now and properly put them up there with the other top notch bands. They deliver too much good music over and over to deserve less in my humble opinion.