KVELERTAK – Bergen – USF Verftet

KVELERTAK – Bergen – USF Verftet

Nothing better than a metal evening to put to the test the new USF Verftet, rebuilt and optimized for "amplified music"

Truckfighters from Sweden, despite being the oldest band in activity tonight had to open for a sparse crowd. Seemed that the early birds came mostly for the Swedes and that the others rather fancied a vorspiel than hearing Stoner. If the band and the audience seemed quite shy for a while, it went gradually better both on and down the stage, the band giving a lot and not taking their place on the bottom of the bill for granted. Not always easy to open for heavier genres when you play Desert Rock, and unfortunately, not much sweat and smell of rubbing tires in the air tonight. But definitely a band to see again in better circumstances, as they won’t be running out of fuel before a while.


Kvelertak‘s metalcore neighbours Purify in Blood perhaps attracted a younger part of the audience and delivered an energetic and professional set, as they usually do, but traded in most of the charisma for efficiency – contrary to the two other bands of the night. Still a very satisfying gig before their return for Usig 2013 at the same place in a few months.

Despite having just finished a whole European tour and flying to the USA pretty soon, Kvelertak took the venue with a storm without signs of fatigue in front of an heterogeneous crowd, the latter being as mainstream as the band is getting. This said not in any disapproving way. The band just released a fantastic sophomore album that managed the hard task to keep their own style rolling without failing or redoing the same thing, and I predict a bright future when it comes to both world tours and studio albums. Whatever if most people won’t ever understand a word of the lyrics.


It’s with a custom-made owl-helmet (that has its own crate backstage) that Erlend Hjelvik appears during Åpenbaring / Spring fra Livet. As usual it goes fast with Kvelertak with little room for shit-chatting, the band concentrating on giving it all. Hoest from Taake paid a visit during Ulvetid and the rest of the combo had the opportunity to show their back vocals skills, more presents on the news songs like Buane Brenn than on the first album pieces. Most of Maciek’s subtile guitar solos disappeared from Månelyst until the encore due to technical problems that totally ravaged one of the best tracks of Meir. Blodtørst and Kvelertak – most mainstream but definitely best song on the album – went much better and were spared from accidental air-guitars. Utrydd dei Svake ended the evening.

A word on the new USF now, if the venue look indeed much better, not much has been solved when it comes to room and view. The stage was too low and there are still two enormous pillars blocking the view for a good part of the audience. The balcony was closed, and even if the bands were not playing for a full house, it was way too crowded for everybody to see the stage decently. Besides, all three bands were bothered by numerous sound problems all along the sets.


Setlist (mulig Snilepisk ble spilt og)

Spring fra livet
Bruane Brenn
Sjøhyenar (Havets herrer)
Evig Vandrar
Utrydd dei svake


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