On ‘Vertigo’, Koldbrann have gone for a frosty but modern production. But while the cymbals crash like ice and the guitars cut like a north wind, the bass comes through bringing a touch of warmth that balances out the sound. So: cold – yes, necro – no.

The songs are generally slow to mid-paced, marrying an early 90’s feel with contemporary black n’ roll that will have listeners raising the horns and banging their heads. There is nothing epic about ‘Vertigo’. No dry-ice drawn-out keyboard intros. Swap purple velvet cloaks for black hoodies. But that is all fine with me. I am happy to find a band who have their hearts set on rocking out and can manage to do so while still producing such a credible black metal album.

‘Vertigo’ is one of the better Norwegian BM releases I have heard in the last few months. It will scratch your black metal itch every time and the riffs will keep you coming back for more. Definitely the kind of thing you want to see live.