GORTAL – Deamonolith

GORTAL – Deamonolith

‘Deamonolith’ is the second full-length release from Polish DM trio Gortal. The sound is heavily US influenced, with lots of heavy riffing, tons of blasting and gravel voiced growls. The production is clean and modern with lots of bottom end and manages to capture all of the considerable power being produced in the studio. The only problem I have with the sound is that the continual triggered-sounding double bass rumble sometimes gets a bit annoying (but then I always much preferred double bass used for impact and effect rather than just a continual matrix over which the song is placed).

Outstanding track for me is third song ‘Doombringer’, the riff of which sounds like a train smashing through your house. To be honest though, there are many great moments on this release, and I think it could stand toe to toe fairly comfortably with most of the big name DM full-lengths put out this year.

If there is any justice the fantastic Michal Loranc cover will encourage a few punters to try Gortal out and ‘Deamonolith’ will do the rest.