OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 2 – Czech Republic

OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 2 – Czech Republic

The next day I woke (again, I must say) to the sound of something that reminded me of 1349, the hotel was undergoing reconstruction, and the days I was there, they were changing the tiles on the balcony outside of my room, and the tiles was cut and fitted from 07.00 in the morning! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So, heading to the festival at 13.30, I had already missed some of the bands, but was really pleased to experience the Brazilian thrashers ANDRALLS. In my head I would say that ANDRALLS picks up the thread that Sepultura left after Chaos AD. Thrash thrash thrash!!! A perfect way to kick off day 2 of OEF. If you haven’t heard or heard of the band before… do so now!
After Andralls, there was a void for me until German hard core/ grind band KEITZER hit the stage. A angry vocalist backed by a wall of hard core riffs and the knowledge of the big fish that is out there somewhere waiting, Keitzer plays fast, angry Hard Core that makes you want to grab someone and throw them around, or just go fishing. (P.S. IF you read this… I was not joking! )

SPASM was this years costume winners, with a vocalist in a Borat-swimsuit and a gas mask, they gave OEF exactly what they wanted: Grindcore/ goregrind with an attitude. There is nothing more to say about that matter!

LENG TCH’E from Belgium has never given me a reason to dig deeper in to their material, and this time was no different than the last times. I really do not see the point of the strange things their vocalist does from time to time. Musically they are a death metal band, but with the strange humming and inhaling and I don’t know what from the vocalist, the band becomes something in the mix of geniuses and a joke. Sorry, but this is not for me1

DEMISOR and WORMROT will have to excuse me, but it was feeding time.

BENIGHTED from France has never disappointed me live, but never blown my head of either. A good quality Death Metal band that I can enjoy at any given time, but not something I would tell my mother about.

DISCHARGE meant time for more beer while I waited for NASUM to give me my daily dose of Grindcore. And so they did! What is there to say about Nasum+ I will quote the writing from the info booklet of OEF: "It’s fucking NASUM and if you’re not there, you’re not Grindcore." I was there!!

EXHUMED canceled.

VOMITORY plays Death Metal and so they did. And they played it well. Again: Sweden delivers. When they were on stage I was about to become animated, so I only listened to Vomitorys last three songs from the coffee line backstage where I lingered through the next band until VULVECTOMY gave us a lethal dose of Putrid Death Metal Slam that can make any fan of brutal music dance to the groove.

I danced my way to the hotel quite satisfied with day 2.