OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 3 – Czech Republic

OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 – Day 3 – Czech Republic

I had a plan to be at the festival early. I wanted to see BAIXO CALAO from Brazil, but unfortunately, the rain was pouring and the hotel bed was too comfortable.         

The first band that I got a glimpse of this day was the Swedish BAD DREAMS ALWAYS that played something similar to crossover between thrash and hard core. But my destination was somewhere else, so I went to the shot bar.

The German band DEAD gave me a surprise to kick off my day 3. Death Metal in the vein of my old heroes from the early 90’s in Norway and Sweden delivered from a three piece that apparently loved what they delivered.  They were announced as a grindcore band, but appeared on stage as a death metal band. Thinking that they didn’t quite fit in, they had brought no merch, no cds nothing NOTHING. Shame on you for that, and big up to you for playing the best set of day 3, in my mind.   

INTERNAL SUFFERING is a band that I was looking forward to see this year. But their whole set was fucked up by shitty sound that never gave the bands technical guitars, bass, and drums the credit they deserve. It all blurred out in a mash that sounded more like an electrical overload than technical death metal. Not by any fault of the band, but it seemed to me that all through the festival there was some problems with the sound of the bands that used triggers for the drums, and that should really be the easiest thing to work with…

Oh well, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND gave me a reason to go get some grub, and so I did, before DEMONICAL came on stage and played through a set of Death Metal, old school style. Sweden delivered once again. Even though you could see the strain from being on a tour that seemed to be rather hectic to me, the band played through a tight set, and gave me some notions of having heard it all before, yet at the same time not. As stated old school death metal played by Swedes… Have we heard it before? Yes. Do they know how to do it? Yes.

Due to the rain, combined with my tired old body, day 3 was more like a tiresome walk through to the end of it all, or rather to such a time that I could retreat without missing too much of the fun. SO THE FOLLOWING BANDS WILL BE GIVEN POSITIVE MENTIONS, BUT NOTHING MORE, AS I ONLY HEARD THEM FROM AFAR: LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, HOUWITSER, BLOOD AND BLOCKHEADS.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for ASPHYX but me. I never did get into Asphyx, and I do not intend to do so now. They are tight, they are old, they play well… but I do not feel them.

When YECOEPSAE entered the stage I felt the effect of 3 days of festival life, and I tossed in the towel and went to bed.

Getting older seems to be getting to me ( either that or I am getting more and more picky as it comes to bands and music), but this year OEF could have ended after day 2 without me missing out on anything major apart from DEAD.


Anyway: OEF 2012 was as nice an experience as the past two years was. Lots of nice people, friendly atmosphere, nice price beer, fried cheese, corn, Swedes and rain.

I will be back next year. You should go there as well!!