KYLESA – Stavanger – Folken

KYLESA – Stavanger – Folken

What to say about KEN (Kill Everyone Now) Mode. The music was shit, and the singer presented himself as an angry teenager jumping and kicking in the air, who proceeded to spit in the face of only two members of the audience who decided to show the band some support and stand in the front. Smart move douche bag.

Circle Takes Square was a bit more interesting. They touched on some good bits and pieces here and there. But in the end there was just to much "core" for my liking.

Finally the psychedelic sludge of Kylesa was next. As the band entered the stage Philip pleased us with a quick little thermin intro accompanied by some tribal drumming from the bands two drummers. For the first song the Savannah gang dives straight into "Said and Done" from one of my favourite albums "Static Tension". From the very first second Kylesa conquers the stage with an overwhelming presence and energy. Laura rocks like no other and her voice is as brilliant as always. The more mellow, relaxed and psychedelic approach that Kylesa has taken the last few years suits them perfectly well. Songs like "To Forget" and "Tired Climb" are amazing on the albums, but even better live. Close your eyes and drift away.

Everything seemed to go just brilliant this fine evening. The sound was nice and all performers could be heard loud and clear, the band was energetic as can be, and the set list was perfect. Pearls like "Hollow Severer", "Unknown Awareness" and "Scapegoat" and many more gave me goosebumps throughout the entire concert. But as the end came crawling near and the band left the stage, there were still two song I desperately missed. I could only hope the band would come back for an encore and play at least one of the songs missing. To my greatest enjoyment Kylesa came back and played both "Running Red" and "Where the Horizon Unfolds" like they have never been played before. It was an absolutely amazing finish for Kylesa. Thank you very much, and welcome back.

Kylesa set list:
Said and Done
Only One
Tired Climb
To Forget
Bottom Line
Don’t Look Back
Distance Closing In
Unknown Awareness
Hollow Severer

Running Red
Where the Horizon Unfolds