Første metalband klare for Roskilde 2012

Første metalband klare for Roskilde 2012


The first metal acts ruin the peace of Christmas.


Devildriver and Nasum are added to the 2012 programme.

The Christmasy spirit of December is strongly challenged by today’s two new bands who mark the first metal influence on the Roskilde programme.

DEVILDRIVER (US) conquers your ears with pumped-up thrash, hardcore and death metal in well-balanced doses. Through intense touring and discipline, Dez Fafara and his companions have established themselves as a hard-working and uncompromising unit in the name of metal. Roskilde Festival is looking forward to giving the stage to a live band that knows how to make their audience surrender to the sign of the horns.

NASUM (S) is responsible for some of the most exquisite musical punishments of the fast grindcore genre. The often ultra-short and explosive attacks have made Nasum one of the genre’s finest. The band’s vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk died during the tsunami in 2004. Keijo Niinimaa from the grind mates Rotten Sound, who played at Roskilde Festival in 2008, now delivers the vocals on the Nasum’s goodbye tour, which also brings them to Roskilde Festival.


See you at Roskilde Festival 5 – 8 July 2012 (warm-up from 30 June to 4 July)