Grimt og jævlig på Betong med KADOTUS og ONE TAIL ONE HEAD (22/10)

Grimt og jævlig på Betong med KADOTUS og ONE TAIL ONE HEAD (22/10)

Lørdag 22. oktober 2011 – Oslo/Betong


GoatWorship Booking og South of Heaven presenterer:

Blod, jord og dødskrampens uovervinnelige lys. 







C.C. NOK 150/100

18 år leg plikt



Grimt og jævlig på Klubbscenen.

KADOTUS: And so the fire was forged deep in the pits, of hearts so impure and reckless, Damnation yeld its name! Since time had passed 2001 years after Christ’s death, we rose from embers of forever hidden. Two demonstrational cassettes were made for the black masses (Glare of Darkness & Dawn that shall never be seen), and after the temple foundations burnt the skies, an abomination rose of His glory. Seven Glorifications of Evil, first full lenght album trembled onto world during the year 2003. Followed by incantation from the dusk, Twilight’s Depths mini album 2006, set the steps to the temple to enter the beyond. The triangle, solely working with session necromancers all the time around, added the final pillar to the bloodied altar as fourth damned soul entered the cycle. And since the temple was finished on the foundations, but never to be found nor detailed, it had to be ceased. Vaienneet Temppelit, magnum opus, was finished 2010 and is now being released to the dead world. We hail from the Darkness, burn with everlasting fires, touch the inhale of Death that follows every grasp of wind. Ceased are they, bones of the Temple. Burn with highest flames, Lucifers pride! And so we vanish to return, we are the virtue and the vice. A.M.S.G.

ONE TAIL ONE HEAD: One Tail, One Head is a fourfold force devoted to the fierce and the fiery. Climbing endless ladders towards the eternal above or diving down into the bottomless below forevermore: the paradox is perfect. Spewing forth blood and ashes from their lair in Nidaros, Norway, they are (un)known for their energetic, yet atmospheric live performances. Let it begin, once more, for eternity. Worlds open, worlds collide!