NOCTURNAL FEAR – This is the real shit

NOCTURNAL FEAR – This is the real shit

(…this article is in English…)

Eternal Terror’s Peter Loftus catches up with the Reverend Slavehunter Ph. D. of Detroit thrashers Nocturnal Fear to get the lowdown on their fifth album Excessive Cruelty.


For those who don’t know – who are Nocturnal Fear and what is your mission?

We are a Metal band from Detroit. Most people would call us Thrash Metal. We have been around for 10 years. Our 5th album, EXCESSIVE CRUELTY will be out Aug 30. I am the founding member, and I write all the music. We are a commando unit, we assault you with a ruthless onslaught of face ripping Metal. Reviewers often complain that we are TOO FAST and TOO HEAVY! Sorry, this is Nocturnal Fear, this is the real shit. If you don’t like us, I’ll stab you in your fucking neck.

Tell us about the new album.

We fired up Hell’s foundry and poured out an hour long slab of molten Metal. Hundreds of face melting riffs, rapid fire drumming that will pound your skeleton into baby powder, vocals in that classic German style rasp, and top notch production.  Each song is carefully crafted musically AND lyrically. The topics we cover are war and violence. This is not party music, this is serious Metal, and we play with respect. Any True Metaller will love Nocturnal Fear.

Last time I looked, there was some re-shuffling of personnel going on. Has the line-up stabilized?

Yes we have a solid line-up, a little mentally unstable though-me on guitar, Devastator on vocals, Witchhammer on drums and Warmonger on bass.

Tell us a little about your label Moribund Cult…

Moribund has been in the game for a long time, they have watched the scene grow and watched bands come and go. They are one of the few US labels with integrity. 


What are your feelings that Nocturnal Fear have been lumped in with the thrash revival of the last decade?

One listen to us, and you will hear the difference. Not only that but the way we present ourselves. Our focus is on War and Violence. Our roots run deep, and evil is on our side.

It seems to me that many of the younger ‘thrash’ bands are more interested in recycling what came before rather than concentrating on the music and finding an individual voice…

Most of these culprits are easy to spot. I disagree though, I don’t think they really know "what came before." I feel they are influenced by each other, from the music right on down to how they dress. It’s an imitation of an imitation.  For example, If I said to one of these posers, "So, whats your favorite track from the WITCHING METAL demo?" Im sure I would get a blank stare.

So do you think the latest generation could ever really play thrash, or is this something that is only possible for those who lived through the thrash years?

I don’t think it can ONLY be done by someone who lived through it-but it can be DONE BEST by someone who lived through it.


I know you are heavily influenced by 1980’s German thrash acts. Did any American thrash acts do it for you?

Yes, OLD-Possessed, Death, Whiplash, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel, Deicide, OLD Exciter, Infernal Majesty, Piledriver and Razor among others.

Your imagery and lyrics are preoccupied with war – I know you support US troops, but do you stand behind your government too?

No. We support warriors, not politicians.

You have talked about the endemic crime and poverty in your hometown of Detroit. Shouldn’t the US government prioritise getting their house in order back at home, rather than expending resources overseas?

We have police for law enforcement, not the military. Sure we should clean our home up. They should put me in charge, I will start with Detroit. My plan includes a B-52 loaded with Tactical Nuclear Warheads and a few cluster bombs of VX Nerve Gas, I could do a lot with that.