Top T3ree Releases of 2010

"IV Ruin"

This album really caught me by surprise. What appealed especially to me is how they manage to sound fresh within their genre. This is innovative, experimental and very well executed black metal from a band which is not afraid to challenge genre defining boundaries. (For more details, read my review in the ET album review pages.)





Best Concert/ Festival of 2010

Diablo Swing Orchestra at Brutal Assault Festival. My first opportunity to see my favorite band of the last couple of years. They were every bit as good as expected, and then some.

Biggest Surprise To Me in 2010

Svartkraft’s album at the top of the list of this year’s album releases. How this band has eluded me in the past is a shame.

Best Album Cover of 2010

"Écailles de Lune"

Most album covers these days are crap. Sadly it was an art lost with the downfall of the vinyl era. "Écailles de Lune" is an awesome exception though.







Favourite Band of All Time

When asked what my all time favorite band is, I feel like a parent asked to choose a favorite amongst his children. There are too many genres that I equally enjoy and find hard to compare. After beating my head for some time, I decided to make my choice quantitative. The list of bands having released one album that I never seem to grow tired of is quite long. But when listing bands with two such releases in their catalog, the list became considerably shorter. In fact, I can only think of one band that has made three or more albums that I for sure will never stop listening too. That is why my favorite all time band is… Opeth.

Biggest Hope for 2011

My biggest hope for next year lies in my anticipation for many promising new album releases. At the top of my list are Diablo Swing Orchestra, Amon Amarth, Symphony X, & Turisas.