MASTODON til Roskilde

MASTODON til Roskilde

Mastodon to Roskilde Festival
Dååth and Parkway Drive are also added to the programme.

Today Roskilde Festival proudly presents a band whose career the festival has followed at close range. Two smaller, just as fresh acts are also added to the impressive offering of metal and pitch-black energy.

MASTODON (US) play their third concert at Roskilde Festival this summer. The mix of classic heavy metal, progressive rock and great technicality has made the band from the deep US south darlings with both metal fans, critics and music fans that are not normally into hard rock. When they played in 2005 and 2007, they were critically acclaimed and with a breakaway potential from the narrow metal circles. This year they come to Roskilde Festival as one of the strongest acts of the genre. And if you want to be assured about Mastodon’s continued supremacy on a live stage, Live At The Aragon – a good old-fashioned live recording from Chicago – is out soon.

DÅÅTH (US) has, in the course of four albums, investigated the borderland between death metal, thrash and whichever musical impressions that have caught their interest. Dååth’s two guitarists turn each concert into an eye-opener regarding virtuosity and dizzying solos, while drummer Kevin Talley is a star in metal circles for his take-no-prisoners drumming.

PARKWAY DRIVE (AUS) is becoming one of Australia’s biggest successes in metal and hardcore. Do not let Parkway Drive’s pretty band name fool you. This is metalcore from the angriest and heaviest part of the genre spectrum. The young band’s first albums were produced by none other than Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage. In the future the Australians may just well be in the same league as these metal giants.