Ny ASSAULTER låt online

Ny ASSAULTER låt online

Metal Blade Records launch landing page for ASSAULTER! New song and pre-order live!
ASSAULTER are a METAL band from New South Wales, Australia.

With the guard of S. Berserker on vocals and guitars, T. Hellfinder armed with the ripping of strings on lead guitar and the out-and-out power and precision of P. Hunt (Razor of Occam) on the battering of the skins – ASSAULTER have just completed their devastating sophomore LP Boundless. Following up from 2008’s ‘Salvation Like Destruction’, ASSAULTER have honed in their sound and style to deliver 8 cuts of ripping METAL ode to power, propaganda and proselytism.

Track listing ‘Boundless’:
1. Entrance
2. Outshine
3. Into Submission
4. Slave to King
5. The Perpetual War
6. Exalt the Master
7. Dying Day
8. The Great Subterfuge

Surf over to the landing page by clicking HERE where you can listen to the song Dying Day and check out the pre-order options!

Boundless will be released as a digipak CD by Alan Nemtheanga’s ‘Poison Tongue Records’ through Metal Blade Records on March, 11/14 in Europe!

You have been warned.