MARC GREWE (Morgoth) – I wanted to scream

MARC GREWE (Morgoth) – I wanted to scream

(…this interview is in English…)

Marc Grewe begynte sin vokalistkarriere i det legendariske tyske death metal bandet Morgoth i1985. Der hold than det gående til 1998 da bandet ble oppløst. Siden den gang har vi ikke hørt stort fra Marc bortsett fra at han var med i et såkalt superband kalt Insidious Disease sammen blant andre Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir), Jardar (Old Man’s Child), Shane Embury (Napalm Death) og Tony Laureano (1349, Nile, Dimmu Borgir). Der kom det ingenting produktivt før i år, da bandets debutskive "Shadowcast" kom ut. Der deltok en annen stor liten vokalist med gjestevokal (Killjoy fra Necrophagia). Marc Greve forteller her at han var en heavy metal fan før han oppdaget band som Possessed, Celtic Frost og Mantas og dermed var hans vei staket ut. Her er The Deepthroat Series med Marc Grewe fra Morgoth og Insidious Disease.


When did you start doing extreme vocals (What year and at what age)?

I started with my first Band Morgoth when I was about 16 years old.

What made you start to do extreme vocals?

I was a heavy metal kid before I discovered bands like Possessed, Celtic Frost, Mantas, etc. That dark and evil feeling of those bands immediately grabbed me by the balls and dragged me into the dark Universe of Extreme
Metal. When we started out in 86/87 we wanted to be the fastest and most brutal band in Germany. Kreator where our first Mentors and influences, later came the above mentioned…actually I wanted to scream more evil and darker than Mille, hahaha.

Can you describe the technique or the techniques you are using?

When I started out I didn´t have a technique at all…I could talk after rehearsals, which was very practical at school though hahah. Late (let´s say from 1991) I took singing lessons by a teacher named Birgit Zacher, who
later sang on some Tiamat and Moonspell records as well. She thought me a lot about the correct breathing and who to warm up the vocal cords before a show…also relaxing the cords afterwards is kind of important.
During my performance I only get the pressure for the tone out of my stomach…not so much out of the head (that is more used for high pitched screams and stuff).


Has your technique changed during your career?

No not much. I still use the technique my teacher thought me also a thing called Alexander technique is helpful.

Have you ever hurt yourself by using a "wrong technique"?

Oh yes…hundreds of times…when we started out I didn’t use any technique; just overdid it always during the rehearsals.

Is there something you do on a regular basis to keep your voice in shape? Any routines?

I have a couple of warm-up cassettes that I use. It´s very important to do it; actually the word "HOMMhhhh" is the one I using to start (It has to ring your head 😉 and then I continue singing "A-ri-vi-der-ci" (sounds stupid but it helps).

Do you think it can be dangerous to do extreme vocals?

Yeah…If you don´t warm up, get infection or so, it can get dangerous. Once I had little knots on my chords and the exploded during a show and I was bleeding out of my throat…that was very shocking to me! But I guess it
looked extremely brutal on stage, hahah.


What is most important for you – to make cool sounds and interesting rhythms, or to have a clear diction/pronunciation?

Well all of that is important to me. I would say: my perfect voice is not too guttural, precise cutting sharp with understandable lyrics…that´s what I would consider as "perfect".

Do you think that extreme vocals can be made into a science, like "this is how it works for everyone, to make this sound you have to do this etc"? Or is it more intuitive and individual how to do it?

Well I hope NOT!!! I hate these casting shows and Talent seeking bullshit!
Let´s keep this style for only the cool people and not for broad media bullshit 😉

Do you have any advice to people who wants to start doing extreme vocals?

Find a good vocal teacher first and lean how to breath and intonate…it helps a lot and strengthens the vocal chords, so you don´t have to worry later on.


Mention three extreme vocalists whose style you admire, and explain your choice. What specifically do you like about the styles of those three?
Also mention three vocalists (not necessarily extreme vocalists) which you have been influence by, and explain in which way you have been influenced by each of them.

Jeff Becerra (Possessed) – I really like his nihilistic touch…it was the first voice that I heard, that wasn´t pure "thrash" anymore.
Chuck Schuldiner (Death) – He had the talent to do be ultra extreme but also very precise with the vocal lines…you can understand every word he sings.
Tom G. Fischer (Hellhammer/Celtic Frost/Triptykon) – I really like the morbidity he has in his voice…kind of complaining touch, very unique.

Carl McCoy (Fields of the Nefilim) – I adore the dark aura that surrounds his voice. None ever singer in the Gothic scene could ever get close to him.
Johnny Cash – His voice is making me shiver every time I hear it. He could also read a book and I would be totally banned by his voice….just warm, deep and cozy kind of.
Henry Rollins – His voice is like a ticking timebomb …always ready to explode…I love the tension he is able to create..

Well, just to name three is very rough…there should be sooooo many more man, hahah.

Who do you want to challenge in this series? (Who should be the next extreme vocalist to answer these questions?) Give a brief explanation for your choice.

Chris Reifert!!! He is an old friend of mine and I really love his style! Plus never could understand how he could handle Vocals and drums at the same time 😉