HALYCON WAY – Building The Towers

HALYCON WAY – Building The Towers

The follow up to 2008’s "A Manifesto For Domination" debut, "Building The Towers" gains major approval due to the upswing in vocalists as Steve Braun (ex-Ashent) brings a dynamic, forceful presence to this second full length. This Georgia act combines the progressive metal ethics of acts like Queensrÿche and King’s X along with the modern punch of bands like Disturbed or Testament.

Songs like the majestic “Inversion” and dynamically rhythmic “Desecration Day” show that the five-piece certainly pay attention to writing interesting material with the right combination of hooks and technical ability. Even on a longer track like the eight minute plus “Inside Looking Out (The Icon)” the listener gains the chance to sonically discover contrasts and harmonies as the arrangement ebbs and flows, sometimes keyboard led, other times vocal driven – never forsaking the driving guitar presence.

German producer Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Svartsot) gives Halcyon Way a professional uplift in terms of their sounds and tones, and I believe background vocals from Pamela Moore reaffirms their desire to be taken as a serious contender when it comes to newcomer progressive metal.

To me "Building The Towers" proves this group have the goods to go places in this genre riddled with acts who may be coasting on their early discography laurels. Those who love current Fates Warning with a slightly staccato crunch tone need this album in your collection.