Utskiftninger i line up

Utskiftninger i line up

Greetings, friends!


One of the risks of booking early is that one can not see all circumstances, big or small. We unfortunately have two cancellations for 2011, and two replacements. As many of you already know, Asomvel’s Jay Jay tragically died in a car crash a little time ago. We at Metal Merchants Festival will dedicate the 2011 festival to his memory. Rest in peace. Also, Whyte Ash has been forced to cancel their appearance.

As for replacements, we have a couple of exciting names for you to get to know. We hope you enjoy it!


TESTIMONY (Nor) – We guess there’s no further info needed? It is? Haha, well, here it is; Testimony is one of Norways classic extreme metal bands that really never got out of the rehearsal room, except for some live performances, such as supporting Kreator back in the day. The little fame they might have accomplished, is unfortunately not much about the music (luckily some of us remembers the great music as well!) but maybe just as much around the fact that this is Rune Blasphemer Eriksen (Aura Noir, Mayhem) who plays guitar for TESTIMONY. We were quite pleased when they wanted to pick up their weapons again, and we’re looking forward to seeing one of Norways best hidden gems in january!




By far the newest band ever seen on Metal Merchants Festival, but hopefully it sounds anything but new!

We will not blow our horns too much about DEVIL, because it’s actually the band of Stian and Ronny, two of the MMF promoters. Imagine a dirty mix of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and NWOBHM, and you are in the neighbourhood. The demo is out in these days, and due to awesome feedback from you people out there, DEVIL is a force to be reckonned with in the future, with the debut album out in the spring of 2011. As mentioned, we will not brag too much, but we hope you will check us out, and join us for a helluva party in Oslo in january!



We are also working on a 10th band for the bill, but since we don’t do compromises, we can’t promise we’ll find anything good enough (and affordable) on such a short notice.


This leaves us with the following and PRETTY brilliant lineup for now:












Tickets can as usual be bought at www.billettservice.no , and the venue is as last year John Dee in Oslo. The dates are january 28-29.


You can also visit us at:




Devilish regards from those who entered obscurity,

Sigurd, Ronny and Stian