Søndag 12. september 2010 – Oslo/Garage




18 års leg plikt

C.C. NOK 120,-

Trommisen i The Pains of Being Pure At Heart forvalter og forvandler 80-tallskvaliteter til drømsk popmusikk i sitt andre band. Kurt Feldman trakterer vanligvis trommene i TPOBPAH, som pisker til tradisjonsrik, gitarbasert indiepop med gløtt mot Pavement, Hüsker Dü, The Replacements og Sonic Youth. Feldman har åpenbart også øre for andre band fra da disse var premissleverandører. I hvert fall om vi skal dømme etter New York-trioen The Depreciation Guilds tre langspillere." – Lydverket


The Depreciation Guild er en utfrika og klangfull pop/elektronika gruppe som består av Kurt Feldman (gitar, vokal, programmering), Christoph Hochheim (gitar, vokal) og Anton Hochheim (trommer). Inspirasjon hentes både fra klassisk drømmepop som Pale Saints, Cocteau Twins til åttitallets synthpop guder som Bill Nelson, Gangway, Scritti Politti og YMO. Bandet har på en kunstnerisk måte kultivert et unikt sound som utmerket takler den vanskelige balansegangen mellom ren progressiv musikk og retro-chic.





Presse "Spirit Youth":

"Spirit Youth seems to place its highest priority on the songs, putting them squarely at the center of all the shimmering tones…heavenly vibes pouring out of every minute of this lovely record."
-all music guide, 4/5 stars, amg album pick

"…Beautiful, authentic and visionary", 5/6 Stars

"The Guild deal in dreamy fuzz-scapes and swirling guitar washes, frequently striking that mystical and much-sought-after balance between delicate subtlety and crushing heaviness. Their latest is ten tracks worth of gorgeous, wispy melodies embedded in layers of distorted bliss; clearly, ample attention was given to both songwriting and aesthetic, as the group excels in both areas."
-other music

"Nintendo-synth hooks and John Hughes-soundtrack dynamism splash the songs with a kind of expertly crafted lushness"
-the onion / a.v. club

"Refreshingly sophisticated songcraft. The album as a whole is significantly more song-oriented than its predecessor…Of course, it’s that trademark ethereal sound that adds the special sauce to these tunes – who knows what they’d sound like in the hands of a different sort of band? All we really need to know is that in the hands of The Depreciation Guild, they sound like evolution."

"It’s in the songwriting department where the true growth in Spirit Youth is realized…they’ve made what turns out to be their best."
-pitchfork, 7.6 rating

"The Depreciation Guild pretty much pull all the punches here with track after track of upbeat sugary pop and it’s really really good."
-built on a weak spot (blog)

"The Depreciation Guild have brazenly crafted another incredible album."
-l.a. music (blog)






"Nydelig harmonipop som lukter av Posies og The Jesus and Mary Chain."
– NRK Urørt (omtale i forbindelse med ukas urørt uke 36 2008)

"The Oslo-based five-piece will definitely set fire to many hearts with their noise-drenched popsong harmonies. Crystal clear vocals, infectiously catchy melodies, walls of guitars and pounding drums."
– Eardrums music (omtale i forbindelse med samleren "a good crop" høsten 2008)

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