ROOT – The Root Of All Evil

ROOT – The Root Of All Evil

ROOT, et tsjekkisk black metal band som er frontet av "Big Boss". De ble dannet tilbake i 1987 og de har gitt ut en rekke album. De spilte under fjorårets Inferno Festival og allerede i forkant av deres Norgesbesøk ble kontakten mellom Igor Hubik og ET opprettet. Denne kontakten førte etter hvert til at Sigve sendte i vei noen spørsmål som "Bib Boss", Igor Hubik og Ashok besvarte. Finn ut mer om ROOT, deres hat for menneskers ødeleggelse av jorda og mye mer.


Please tell us about the band members and what they do in the band. Could you please give us a brief outline of the history of the band?

Igor: The band´s history is available at our web site or really short history year by year at About actual band members: Big Boss (vocals) writes all lyrics and also music for some songs. He´s the frontman of ROOT and the only found member in the band. Ashok (guitar) composes music, plays the most of guitar solos and takes care of the web site. Evil (guitar) replaced drums for guitar some years ago and continues his another era in ROOT. Peter (drums) is studying drums at local academy of music. He´s 17 years old and starts his music career just with our band. I play the bass, sing backing vocals and take care of the shows. We all like parties, drinking and playing this kind of art.

The name of the band… tell us about it, how/why did you choose this name?

BigBoss: The name has been deducted from "The Root Of All Evil" . . . we just took "Root".

The creative process of making the music… tell us a bit about how you create new music?

Igor: We compose music after reading of the lyrics´ concept with each new album. We are actually preparing demo songs for the upcoming album which is named "Heritage of Satan". We don´t do rehearsals almost. Soon should be recorded three songs promo record and it will be also something like pre-production of the new album.

Everyone wants to put a label on bands, bands usually do not want to be labeled…What about you? How would you label your music?

Igor: We call it simply ROOT Music. Let´s say we´re the part of a Metal scene, no less no more.

BigBoss: Same here.


Where do you draw your influences from, musically and non-musically?

BigBoss: I am influenced by Nature, Universe, my inner Daemons . . . etc.

What if any is the key element(s) in your lyrics?

BigBoss: It is mostly hate for what people do with this planet. It is the time the mankind should get a serious lesson!!!

The Metal scene has been under constant development, and as a band that has been around for 23 years… could you tell us a bit about how you see this development?

BigBoss: Well. 23 years is pretty long time. We have lived through a lot of events both in personal life and music. All these things and experiences have affected our musical and human development. Our music is more thoughtful, tight and technically accomplished.

Ashok: Our band (besides others) has been continually developing since its foundation till these days and hopefully will keep on doing this. It is very natural process for us so I am not able to fully describe it for you. For me it is like breathing.       

Could you please tell us a bit about the Czech metal scene and compare it to the rest of the world?

Ashok: I think it is like any other (not only) musical scene in any country. There are great bands as well as a lot of waste. So it is up to everyone´s taste to find what he likes. I would rather not to recommend any band to anyone as my taste could be probably different from the other persons. I am only able to specify what I like.

There are definitely great (milestone) bands in our country like Master´s Hammer (the Scandinavian scene would sound much different without hearing them and it is good they are back), Root (OK, you can kill me for saying that but we were (are) influence for many bands as well) and plenty of young bands who would (musically) successfully come through the competition with the rest of the world.  


What do you know about the Norwegian metal scene apart from the history of the Black Metal scene here?

BigBoss: I know Satyricon, Mayhem and Helheim form the Norwegian scene . . . these are excellent bands and splendid people. We know each other personally and we are friends. I do not know about the rest of the Norwegian bands a lot . . . 

Ashok: Well, there are plenty of great metal bands in Norway: Mayhem, Emperor, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir (yes, I like them), Immortal, Arcturus,  as well as the other(non metal) bands like Ulver, ARK(R.I.P.), Audrey Horne, Jaga Jazzist, A-HA (yes I like them very much), etc … basically I like Norway, its music and whole culture. It inspires me a lot.  

Igor: I know many bands as well as projects of Norwegian musicians. These projects are often better than more known bands which artists come from. For example, really great album is "Between Two Worlds" from I band to me. Killer job´s "Chimera" of Mayhem.

Every band has had a "golden moment", what would you say your finest moment has been so far?

BigBoss: I belive our "golden moment" still waiting for us to come!

Igor: I don´t like thinking about the band´s history, best show or whatever. We played out many great shows, recorded many good songs and had a fun on tours… But yes, I´m sure still better situations can appear. That´s what I like and live for in this process.

Finally… what is your choice of Disney Character(s) ??

Ashok: Goofy !!!