EMILIE AUTUMN – Oslo – Sub Scene

EMILIE AUTUMN – Oslo – Sub Scene

Here I am: at my 3rd appointment with EMILIE AUTUMN (EA).

The day was long, but nice: first I met the «muffins» (EA fans) at Jernbanetorget, then, after a nice hour with them I did run to my first interview with the artist.

(The interview will come complete when I'll get the second part by e-mail from the artist)

After the interview I did wait 2 hours before I went back to Sub Scene for the concert, but still a lot of people where there on the line, waiting to go in…maybe the tickets were sold out too.


Once inside I did watch for some merchandising…something to read, actually, maybe some magazine with interviews, but nothing, just a few accessorize t-shirts and a poster…mmmhhh… I decide to go at once to the photo area before is too late (difficult passage to get there and the people where increasing and increasing…).

This time I've got less time to take photos: the past 2 times i could take photos all the concert time, but this time only 3 songs (why I'm complaining? This is the normal routine for live photographer…I use to it…but i also know that EA's show is the best in the world, so every time is like a new time for me! Hi!hi!).

Some old music is on…someone sings too…EA comes on stage at 20.00 (punctually as usual), and, on the «Tick tak» notes the concert begin.

«4 o' clock» is the first song. Contessa, Aprella and Veronica are the first to come out from the shadow screen, then… here it comes the rat!

EA moves in the shadow during the intro of the song, and then she comes out in all her beauty.

She jumps on the wheel that hold the shadow screen, and dance (theatrically) all around the stage.

The crumpets (this is the name of the other girls) keep on the show with their «madness» (?!)


«Opheliac» is the second song, then «Liar». On «Liar» song EA pick up the razor and cut herself on the arms, giving the atmosphere effect even if the blood wasn't real.

After «Liar» there's a theatrical dance in flowers, moon and stars on the notes of «The Art of suicide».

After the song the man on «Opheliac deluxe edition» tells all about madness and Victorian girls, then on a special dance and magic tricks the ladies sings «I want my innocence back».

After that Contessa is on stage alone, to present the other crumpets, eating a big heart («she eat dead people»-EA said). Then EA goes to her harpsichord and ask to the audience to choose between to see her boobs or hear some silence…all the audience choose for the boobs, of course, but she just pretend that we choose to play the song and comes out with «Shalott».

«Shalott» is the best song of all the evening: the audience sings very loud and finally I can hear the atmosphere I knew from before…

Then comes Veronica making a fast burlesque little show before «God help me» where Contessa spit «tea» on the audience, and on stage…just an excuse to make Veronica clean all, so EA can submit her about her request to play the harpsichord during «Unlaced».

At the end of «Unlaced» (I didn't understand if it was played playback or live, but good show anyway) we hear someone speaking from the backstage on the radio…and the EA microphone goes off; big laugh about this technical problem that EA and Veronica can manage with good charming.

So, at this time EA must go backstage to fix the problem and Veronica make a girl come on stage to get a kiss (another soldier in the Veronica Kissing Army Group). This girl is Kali (Nick name on EA forum…I'm so happy for her!).


From now the concert becomes more interesting and less «slow».

So, EA comes back and sings «Dead is the new alive», original version.

«I know where you sleep» is the next song, and the audience has a great participation with the chorus, after that EA sings «306».

EA goes backstage and Contessa comes out and drinks some more «tea». This time she also eats some biscuits, thinking melancholically to Maggot (another Crumpet that is not there this evening), and explode to a big cry, spitting not only «tea» this time on the audience, but biscuits too…

So comes EA and we sings «Misery loves company», but at the end the stage is so messy that EA must play the next song without shoes.

Finally the best part of all the concert of this year: a violin solo that gives me the chills.

Then EA goes to the piano and play «Mad Girl», then the Queen's cover «Bohemian rhapsody» and «Thank god I'm pretty», where, after that, all the people think that the concert was finished, so the audience is less when EA comes out with the Crumpets to dance on the last song «With every passing day».