Her har vi en godbit fra broderlandet: Cowboy Prostitutes har fått surre og gå i bilen min de siste ukene, og det skal de fortsette med i en tid framover, for dette er bra saker. Ikke bare har de peiling på musikkstilen de presenterer, men Luca Isabelle har også peiling på is og vin… Italiensk vin
Nyt intervjuet med et glass Valpollicella og hør på CD-en til Cowboy Prostitutes. Det er anbefalt av minst to Taqueros i løpet av de siste to ukene!


Please tell us about the band members and what they do in the band.

Well, there's Tobbe Johansson who's the rhytm guitarist, then you have Jonas Lewen playing the drums (and taking care of assholes when we meet some), LAO playing lead guitar and then that's me with my bass and my …"voice"?

Could you please give us a brief outline of the history of the band?

Me and Tobbe started the band as we know it in 2005 (there has been some other kinda line up but that was so amateurish that it doesn't need mentioning) together with drummer Per Widell and lead guitarist Simon Salomon. We recorded" Swingin' at the fences" (our first official release) and toured a bit in Sweden, Germany, Finland and Italy. But the more things happened to the band the more we needed people willing to commit and that's why we had to replace Per and Simon with Jonas and LAO. Then it was back to the studio to record our new album "Let me have your heart". We took some brakes during the recording to play some shows in Germany and were done with the masterpiece at the end of June. Now we are waiting to go back on the road…

The name of the band… tell us about it, how/why did you choose this name?

There's different theories (including a lot of alcohol abuse) and one day I will give a different answer to each person asking the question, but the real reason is a pure pisstake to our society: we all want our freedom like cowboys but to get there we all have to submit like prostitutes…

The creative process of making the music… tell us a bit about how you create new music?

It normally starts on my acoustic guitar; I come up with ideas and half songs. Then I bring them to the studio and let the other guys bite into it. After a few hours we either have a great song together or some other horrible piece of crap, copycat thing that we will never play again. We do that about 30 to 40 times and then we have an album… Then of course the good stuff that remains is still filtered during the recording process and evolves further… and even there we sometimes lose a couple of songs that sounded not so good once recorded. I guess it happens to every band. But we definetly don't think too much about it when we are putting the songs together, you know? We simply open our hearts and let the emotions out…


Where do you draw your influences from, musically and non-musically?

We all listen to so much different kinds of music that the list would be pretty long! I grew up in a limbo between L.A. 80s scene and London's /New York's Punk. I guess that shows in the music I write, but then again I have 3 other people in this band revolutionizing the songs so much that there are a lot of other things going in there… I guess that the best is to listen to the album and make up your own mind… hehe

What if any is the key element(s) in your lyrics?

I get very inspired by the brutal truth of life… I like to write about what happens to me and around me.

Could you describe with your own words the new album "Let Me Have Your Heart"?

It's Rock. We want your attention and your heart. We are putting our hearts on a plate for you to take a bite. We enjoy playing this music and we're not ashame of what we do. We are proud of it.

What is your goal with Cowboy Prostitutes? World domination or local superstardom?

We would love to travel the world with this and make enough money to be able to stop the silly jobs we are all doing to survive. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what will happen.


Could you please tell us a bit about the Swedish Hard Rock Scene and compare it to the rest of the world?

There are way too many bands if you ask me… I can't keep track of all of them. One thing's for sure, the quality of the Swedish (actually, Scandinavian) bands is so much higher then the rest of Europe… from the quality of the recordings to the ability of playing their instruments. In Scandinavia, when you're playing in a band you are really putting 100% in it… in other parts of Europe it's often all a bit amateurish.

What do you know about the Norwegian Hard Rock scene?

Lots of black metal. Hehe! I really like Turbonegro, to me that's the best band out of Norway.

Finally… what is your choice of ice cream?

Chocolate and only chocolate. Why? Why bother with anything else when you have chocolate? I recommend: try chocolate (dark chocolate) together with some strong Italian red wine like say Valpollicella Superiore or Amarone… sounds strange but I promise you, it's an orgasm!!