AMORPHIS søker fan-art

AMORPHIS søker fan-art

AMORPHIS – Fan art wanted


In time for the release of "Skyforger" next month, both the band´s MySpace profile and the regular homepage will appear in a new look. As a new feature, the latter will include a collection of Amorphis-related artwork – paintings, tattoos, tribute video clips, poetry… – created by fans. Your contributions are welcome!

Please e-mail your images etc. to the website contact address found at the bottom of the Contacts page, or post them in the Artwork thread of the Amorphis forum. Thank you!


Streetdate of "Skyforger" is June 2nd! Check out the new single "Silver Bride" on now!


A new video blog from the band about Tomi´s birthday party on stage can be viewed right here: