EXECRATION releaseparty på Elm Street

EXECRATION releaseparty på Elm Street


Norwegian deathsters Execration evidently possess a taste for the finest vintage death metal, but are strikingly contemporary in terms of composition and performance. Execration masterfully conduct the essence of the genre's 25 year long history, from pioneers Autopsy and Death to reinventers Nile and Disgorge.

Merely six months after the release of the debut EP, Execration had recorded their first full length album "Syndicate of Lethargy". Set for an August 2008 release, this album bears witness to an ambitious young band. The songs are darker this time, more complex and make even less compromises.


Execration (www.myspace.com/execrationnorway)
Zweizz (www.myspace.com/zweizzmusick)
Blood Tsunami(www.myspace.com/bloodtsunami)
Elm Street (www.elmstreet.no)

Inngang: 80,-