POSSESSED til Bergen

POSSESSED til Bergen

Yes, it's with the outmost delight we present to you the legendary metal gods POSSESSED for the first time in ever.

What would Norwegian metal or extreme metal in general have been without seminal classics such as "SevenChurches", "The Eyes of Horror" and "Beyond the Gates"? Arguably one of the most important and defining death metal albums ever released. Jeff Becerra and his troopers will without a doubt make a serious impact on the Hole in the Sky crowd.

Sadistic Intent_logo.JPG

Also set to appear at the festival are cult act SADISTIC INTENT. The Los Angeles outfit has been widely acclaimed for their core underground values. It's a great treat to have these death metal masters as part of the festival.

Says one of the festival organizers Ivar Peersen from Enslaved; "I've had the great pleasure in meeting both Sadistic Intent and Jeff Becerra before. It's a fantastic treat to get these two legendary bands to for the first. I'm a huge fan and cannot wait to see the shows".




Tickets on sale today! 29/01 07:48

Tickets on sale today! Fellow metal heads; the tickets for Hole in the Sky, Bergen Metal Fest IX went on sale today.

Check "Tickets" for details.

Order directly via www.ticketmaster.no  / +47 815 33 133

While we're at it, we'd like to inform you that legendary deathsters Asphyx will head towards Bergen in the end of August. These Dutch occult riff masters have reunited with the inimitable screams of legendary Martin van Drunen, and are set to reclaim the throne of real Death Metal. Deriving musical influence from only the best and oldest masters like Slaughter, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Massacre and Possessed, this cult will NOT disappoint any fan of the genre.