My Bloody Valentine takes Roskilde this summer The reformed noise rock band is announced along with At The Gates, Holy Fuck, Teitur and Yeasayer.

An old dream for many is finally coming true. After a lengthy hiatus the most wanted band on the British noise rock scene has suddenly switched on the amplifiers again – and one of their long awaited reunion shows will be at Roskilde Festival this summer.

MY BLOODY VALENTINE (IRL/UK) gave many music lovers some kind of unique, holy writing with the masterpiece Loveless. The combination of brutal and soothing songs excite as much today as they did in 1991 when the Irishmen released them. The band's music has been imitated by countless acts, but basically all fail at recreating the rush in the stomach as delivered by these pioneers. Now the band's original and beautiful guitar noise can finally be experienced live again.

More exciting music

But we do not settle for this one much missed noise rock four-piece. Hopefully, we can brighten the day even more with this fabulous foursome:

AT THE GATES (S) is – as with My Bloody Valentine – a reunion of the kind that lots of fans only dared dream of. At The Gates contributed to the special Gothenburg-based melodic kind of death metal. The band plays one of few exclusive reunion concerts at Roskilde Festival. This chance of hearing a neo-legendary and style-breaking band should be at the top of any metal-lover's curriculum this summer.

HOLY FUCK (CAN) play instrumental electro-punk. The dirty sound has reached many people on cd or mp3 – but their music really stirs things up and gets a hold of the audience when playing live, which is the deeper purpose of the project.

TEITUR (FO) is one of the best singer-songwriters of the Faroe Islands. He is compared to Nick Drake and Damien Rice – you just have to add a little of Scandinavia's stormy and wet atmosphere to complete the picture.

YEASAYER (US) is one of the most promising new bands at the moment. They play alternative rock mixed with the foreign smells of global music. The band has an almost intoxicating positivity and vitality reminiscent of bands such as Gang Gang Dance and Animal Collective.


Tickets to Roskilde Festival 2008 are available at Roskilde's online ticket office.

See you at Roskilde Festival ‘08, 3 – 6 July. Warm-up from 29 June at 08.00.