Detaljer rundt ONSLAUGHT live DVD

Detaljer rundt ONSLAUGHT live DVD

British thrash-metal legend Onslaught will release their first live DVD on 11th June via Metal Mind Productions.  

Cat. no. MMP DVD 0111  

After the band's reunion in 2005 and the release of their 4th studio album "Killing Peace" in 2007, the British thrash-metal legend Onslaught takes another step towards establishing their status as one of the greatest acts of that genre.  

Their first live DVD "Live Polish Assault 2007" is due to be released on 11th June and will contain more than an hour of veritable thrash mayhem: dirty and furious guitar riffs, powerful rhythm section – all this havoc crowned with Sy Keeler's distinctive devilish shrieks. Filmed during the band's first gig in Poland, the DVD will include a well-balanced mixture of some of the best Onslaught songs performed live! Among other bonus features, the DVD will also include an interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler, bonus live video footage from the band's gigs in Japan and Holland, as also bonus audio tracks from the gig at Bristol Colston Hall, 1987 (featuring Onslaught's very first live performance of "Let There Be Rock")!  

1. Intro
2. Let There Be Death
3. Angels of Death
4. Thermonuclear Devastation of the Planet Earth
5. Killing Peace
6. Fight with the Beast
7. Metal Forces
8. Twisted Jesus
9. Intro
10. Flame of the Antichrist
11. Shellshock
12. Demoniac
13. Burn
14. Power from Hell  

Bonus video:
– Live in Japan, September 2006
 Let There Be Death
 Angels of Death
 Power From Hell  

Bonus audio:
Live at Bristol Colston Hall, 1987
 Metal Forces
 Let There Be Rock / Let There Be Death  
Also includes:
– Interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler
– Photo gallery
– Biography
– Discography
– Desktop images
– Weblinks