ERIK FLEUREN – Begynte som åtteåring

ERIK FLEUREN – Begynte som åtteåring

Etter at Pete Sandoval nektet å utfordre noen og mengden trommiser som har vist sin interesse for Blast Beast serien er såpass stor, ser vi oss nå nødt til å starte en ny tråd. Erik fra det nederlandske bandet Legion of the Damned er førstemann ute i denne nye tråden.



ET – When did you start to play the drums?

ERIK – I started when I was about 8 years old.


ET – Why did you start playing drums?

ERIK – My father is also a drummer, so at a young age I already really liked it.


ET – How old were you when you got your first drums/drum set?

ERIK – When I was 8 I could practice on my father’s drumkit, my very own I bought when I was 12.


ET – How often do you practice?

ERIK – Twice a week, every week.


ET – Which drummer did you look up to when you were young and is there anyone today that you admire more than the rest?

ERIK – For me Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Paul Bosthaph and Gene Hoglin are drummers which I still look up to.


ET – What kind of equipment do you use? Which equipment is in your ears the best?

LotD_1.jpgERIK – I use a Tama Rockstar (2 x 22” bassdrum, 10”, 12”, 14” toms, 16” floor)

Tama Superstar snare.

Paiste Chrash cymbals (Aplha) 16”thin crash, 16” power, 18” crash

Zildjan 20” ride cymbal (z-series)

Zildjan 14” hihat (dino beat)

Axix drumpedals


ET – Which qualities do you think is most important to succeed as a drummer today?

ERIK – Bring your own feeling into the music, and play what you like.


ET – Have you ever played a solo during a gig?

ERIK – No I haven’t, but it is very old-school!!


ET – If you haven’t become a drummer, what would you most likely been doing?

ERIK – I think I would be a guitar player then.


ET – Do you workout a lot?

ERIK – No not at all.


ET – Do you have any special rituals you have to go through before you enter the stage?

ERIK – Doing some warm ups and relax a little with the band.


ET – Which releases have you been a part of so far? (Band name, title, release year)


Occult- Prepare to meet thy Doom

Occult- The Enemy Within

Occult- Of Flesh and Blood

Occult- Rage to Revenge

Occult –Elegy for the Weak

Legion of the Damned-Malevolent Rapture

Legion of the Damned-Sons of the Jackal



ET – Before we end this, you now have the opportunity to challenge another drummer to take part in this series. Pick a drummer and explain why?

ERIK – Dave from Psycroptic, cause this guy is an awesome drummer!!!