ROBBEN FORD – Night in the City

ROBBEN FORD – Night in the City

  • Rating: 4.5 / 6


The legendary guitar-slinger Robben Ford is a true master of his craft as evidenced by the quality of his recorded works and live performances be that as a solo artist or a member of various bands such as Yellowjackets and L.A. Express. Also, the number of renowned artists and musicians he has collaborated with over the years is nothing less than staggering.

This latest offering of his is a live album that was captured for posterity in Nashville a couple of years ago. Comprised of eight tunes that are rooted in the blues (with the band occasionally venturing into jazzier territory and even fusion), the atmosphere that is generated between the group and audience is quite compelling at times, which is arguably most prominent during the memorable ‘Just Another Country Road’ and the playful ‘At the Apollo’. The record comes across as one of those outputs where it is all about keeping it real (i.e. no overdubs) and you can almost smell the sweat and excitement in the room. The songs bristle with energy and are filled with poignant shifts, and the playing is masterfully controlled and precise yet creative and dynamic throughout.   

Although Night in the City does not exactly represent a defining moment in Ford’s career there is a certain magic to the music and performance, and there can be no doubt that the stage is where Robben and his musical companions truly excel.

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