ELECTRIC HIGH – new single

ELECTRIC HIGH – new single

Retro rockers Electric High from Bergen, Norway signs with Apollon and releases new single

Percussive harmonica, marching footsteps, humming vocals. That’s the recipe for the opening bars of Crooks, the new single from Norwegian alternative rock ‘n’ rollers, Electric High. But not to worry, there is enough rock ‘n’ roll energy poured into the stew when the full band kicks in. The guitar riff, bass line and drum beat slams in like a hammer, complete with ooh-ooh vocals in the background, and the two lead singers spitting out their message: there’s always someone waiting to rip you off wherever you turn. So, watch out for Crooks!

The lyrics, however, is inspired by a true story:
One late night in Vilnius, Lithuania, Electric High’s bass player, Einride Torvik, ended up in a fist fight with a Russian guy. When the dust settled, they made peace and took on a friendly tone. They decided to accompany each other for the rest of the evening. All of a sudden, the Russian police comes in and arrests Einride, while his Russian friend manages to escape from the scene. Einride is put into custody, accused for being involved with Russian mafia, since it turns out the Russian guy had been under surveilance for having close relations to the mafia. When Einride arrives in prison, he has to give up all his belongings, and notices that the key to his apartment is missing. He realizes that his Russian friend has stolen it. Einride is released once the misunderstanding is resolved the following day, and finds his apartment robbed of all his belongings.

Electric High from Bergen, Norway, plays a special blend of alternative rock and hard rock, kind of like if Rival Sons and Royal Blood had crashed the stage at an Aerosmith concert. Fronted by two lead singers, they hit you right in the face with a whole new level of electric energy. The members hail from bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies. This electric rock ’n’ roll train is rolling full speed ahead, and shows no sign of slowing down. Electric High has a long row of new rock bangers lined up for release in 2023, and beyond …

Get Electrified!

PV Staff – vocals
Olav Iversen – vocals
Marius Mørch – guitar
Einride Torvik – bass
Tor Helge Opdahl – drums & harmonica

‘Crooks’ was recorded in Havnelageret Studio, Bergen, Norway.
Engineered by Daniel Birkeland.
Mixed and mastered at Solslottet Studio, Bergen, Norway, by Iver Sandøy.


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