DEMONS BY DESIGN – new single and video

DEMONS BY DESIGN – new single and video

DEMONS BY DESIGN, the side project of talented artist Colin Emery (PERFECT NME), is proud to announce the release of their latest single and lyric video, “SCARLET.” The project draws inspiration from diverse musical and conceptual influences, weaving them together in a fresh and contemporary manner. With an intriguing blend of industrial, gothic, and metal elements, DEMONS BY DESIGN sets out to explore uncharted sonic territories. The occasional collaboration with guest artists further enriches the songs’ atmospheric depths and impact.

Following the overwhelming success of their debut single, “FEED ME LIKE A DRUG” (feat. Kirsten Jørgensen), “SCARLET” is the second offering from DEMONS BY DESIGN. The track delves into a dark and atmospheric realm, coupled with an aggressive industrial edge, reflecting the song’s profound exploration of denial and emotional fortification.

“SCARLET” is now available for purchase and streaming through Wormholedeath Records.

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“SCARLET” showcases DEMONS BY DESIGN’s unique musical freedom, enabling them to experiment with diverse sounds and create captivating atmospheres that resonate deeply with their audience. This single is a testament to the project’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal music while preserving the essence of its roots.

Experience the fascinating world of “SCARLET” through the official lyric video here:

Colin Emery, the mastermind behind DEMONS BY DESIGN, is also the esteemed lead singer of the Norwegian metal sensation PERFECT NME. The band’s debut album, released in 2020 via Wormholedeath Records, received critical acclaim, and they are currently hard at work on their highly anticipated follow-up.


Check out the first single “Feed Me Like A Drug ” (Feat. Kirsten Jørgensen)  HERE

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